XQuery for OpenStreetMap

Volunteered geographic information (VGI) makes available a very large resource of geographic data. The exploitation of data coming from such resources requires an additional effort in the form of tools and effective processing techniques. One of the most established VGI is OpenStreetMap (OSM) offering data of urban and rural maps from the earth. XOSM (XQuery for OpenStreetMap), is a tool for the processing of geospatial queries on OSM. The tool is equipped with a rich query language based on a set of operators defined for OSM which have been implemented as a library of the XML query language XQuery. The library provides a rich repertoire of spatial, keyword and aggregation based functions, which act on the XML representation of an OSM layer. The use of the higher order facilities of XQuery makes possible the definition of complex geospatial queries involving spatial relations, keyword searching and aggregation functions. XOSM indexes OSM data enabling efficient retrieval of answers. The XOSM library also enables the definition of queries combining OSM layers and layers created from Linked Open Data resources (KML, GeoJSON, CSV and RDF). The tool also provides an API to execute XQuery queries using the library

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